ABOUT MyMalaika: MyMalaika Inc. is a Safari Adventure Book Series Service for Children . The book series itself is based on Africa. On their many safaris, Malaika, Baraka and their crazy galimoto (makeshift toy car) have lots of fun. They also learn basic Swahili words (the most popular African Language).

Our Mission: To promote literacy worldwide using the "Hakuna Matata Africa" theme (no problem/no worries in Africa theme).

Why? 1. Because, literacy is power anywhere. 2.To reconnect children in the diaspora (in fact children everywhere) to Africa appropriately.

Our History: MyMalaika started as a simple home book project developed by the book series author and service benefactor. At the time, it was  only intended for her young children but it quickly evolved into a home business as well as an endeared service to the community.

After creating the first Malaika book (Safari Adventure to Kenya) and the main character, Malaika (angel), the author's children came up with numerous suggestions of other places the beloved character could go. As a result, the MyMalaika Safari Adventure book series was born!

Families from around the world enjoyed reading the first book however, many expressed the need for a boy character. Within time, a perfectly fitting boy character was "born".

The author named the new character Baraka (which means blessing). Yes, like President Barack Obama...The character may even resemble the president when he was a little boy. Although, the president's father was from Kenya, just like the author,  she did not know of the president at that time. However, she has friends and family named Barak or Baraka. Like Malaika, Baraka is one of her favorite Swahili names. Little Baraka added a lot of spice to Malaika's safari adventures. He  was simply well,...a blessing.

The crazy Galimoto (make-shift push toy car) was another contingent addition to the second book (Safari Around Africa). The author found the toy   on sale at a national chain store in the US. She could not believe her eyes! She had seen children playing with the toy in villages back in Africa (the children who have no money to buy toy cars from a store). What amazed her most was that children in the US loved the toy just the same!

People are always amazed by the simple and attractive artwork in the books series. The secret is that the illustrations were done using basic software on a basic home computer!

Ultimately,...it will take God's grace and a team of experts to successfully move MyMalaika projects to the next level... 

ABOUT Simba Publishing Company: This Company was conceived for the purpose of   publishing the MyMalaika children's book series. It is the parent company of MyMalaika.com whose main purpose is to promote the MyMalaika brand. The firm is listed by the International Standard Numbering System for the Information Industry in New Jersey (SAN: 256-4270).



The "Hakuna Matata" side of Africa

             ...played by Malaika, Baraka and a crazy galimoto

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